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Co-drivers one and all,

We will have our fifth FREE co-driver conference call on Tuesday evening, May 26th at 8:00 p.m. CST.

Dial in: (218) 339-4600
Code: 989102#

Proposed Agenda:

1. Past events debrief (High Desert Trail, 100AW, Doo ***, Olympus, Oregon Trail, Ojos ******, Tennessee, Gravity Park Twin, etc.).

Note: Please bring up topics specific to the co-driver (e.g. rules, differences in procedure, challenges, driver feedback, event feedback, general thoughts)

2. Upcoming events (Rocky Mountain May 28-31, STPR June 5-6, North Nevada June 20)

3. Status of the accumulation of rally co-driver wisdom

List of material that would be beneficial if it could be made available:

a) collection of different time cards & systems, and their associated timing procedures
b) in-car video footage of procedures at timing controls (MTC, ATC, FTC, RGC)
c) checklists (co-driver pre-event, at-event, post-event, driver, car)
d) description of suggested/needed co-driver equipment.
e) material covered in mandatory safety meeting for novice competitors
f) copies of or links to different odo manuals
g) best practices, incl. event-specific practices
h) description of different notes systems (route book, stage notes, pace notes)
i) links to rule books
j) contact info for experienced rally co-drivers willing to mentor novices (both via phone/email prior to an event, and at event where possible)

4. Novice co-driver Q&A session. 'Lurkers' welcome, however novice co-drivers are actively encouraged to participate and ask questions. N.B.: "there are no stupid questions."

5. Date for next conference call.

Please help spread the word. You may learn something here. You may be able to help others learn something here. Whether you already are, or plan to be a co-driver, there's a good chance a great deal of collective wisdom (well, at least, of the rally co-driver variety) can be found here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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