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It means....?

>Now, any idea what this means:
>"...development of a plan for implementing new operational

The cynic in me would say "charge more money" or "fly more Topekans to club events at the organizers expense," but the literal translation of the phrase would suggest that they've got new "operational procedures" and now they need to come up with a way to implement them.

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RE: It means....?

As I like to complain loudly, I would also like to cheer loudly.

I am happy that all the hard work and frustration has resulted in a reprieve from the suspension.

Now it is important for us all to keep our thinking hats on and scrutinize every aspect of the safety of our sport.

No we are not out to build foam padded bumper car courses, but we need to make sure we think through our decision before we need to make them, while we need to make them and after we have made them.

It is easy in the heat of the moment to forget that our number one priority is safety, and "patch" a problem in trying to get a stage set up, a rally running on time, or get quickly down the course.

We all know that we get caught in the moment, so we should be looking for as many "standards" as we can include in all performance rallies so they run like clock work with Spectator, Worker, and Competitor Safety as the number one priority.

Rally on,

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I'm just itching to know what we accomplished by keeping our CLUB members from playing while the "PROS" were able to continue to WORK.

Oh yeah.....SCCA made CONTRACTS with the manufacturers which had to be honered. Oh OOPS!!! Did I let the dirty little secret out? :eek: Sorry.

Oh----Forgive me for not jumping up and down for our CLUB "leadership" being so kind as to let we the great unwashed (that would be dues paying CLUB members for those of us who aren't keen to picking up on such things) to play once again.
Had SCCA not done just this we the great unwashed would have been forced to follow through with finding or forming our own sanctioning body which may even work towards bettering our sport for all of us rather then a few manufacturers who will go away when their marketing goals are met.
Insurance and sanction can be had for rallies for less dough and red tape without SCCA.
SCCA gives us a set of rules and a championship. Is SCCA worth it? I hope that changes are made within SCCA so that more of the organizers who put on the events and are feeling shafted by SCCA to the point that they have said "To hell with putting on events for the dog and pony show" (This IS a quote from a NW organizer. Many of you may well recognise who spoke these words.) are made to want to go to the HUGE effort to put on events for us to PLAY in the woods safely and legally. Remember when Doo-**** were a national? Why is that no longer the case? Couldn't have anything to do with certain of our hard working organizers here in the Northwest being pissed with SCCA could it? Yeah it could. SCCA.....are you reading and comprehending??
I hope that we see some real change for the better. I do not define this as increasing fines fivefold for oopsies. I do not operate with the attitude that some will cheat to help themselves. I believe that should we have a team that cheats (not an honest Oopsie....CHEATING for gain....We know it when we see it) that we should boot that team out for a couple of seasons rather then bother with fines. EXCLUSION will send a message that fines do not. We can do the same when that certain high profile individual with a manufacturer team decides that it might be fun to almost run over several people in a service area. Exclude the TEAM and that driver might just think twice about being naughty. Real consequences for being naughty is not defined as monetary fines.
Hows about some real clarity in the rules about just what the hell we are supposed to do in a given situation?
Support for the CLUB membership at the CLUB level would be a real plus. I will believe that when I see it.
Watching and waiting. Ever hopeful as many of us still are.
Sorry about the rant and the run-on sentences.
Have a nice day and see you all in the woods!!
Oh---Edited for clarity. Coffee is working more slowly then usual this morning. I am a Seattleite don't ya know. :p

John Lane
Viva Le Pro Le Ralliat
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