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I sent these 2 messages in on May 9th:

1st message:

Performance Rally Board -

ClubRally scoring rules need some immediate corrections and clarifications. My ClubRally Steward, John Forespring, is aware and agrees. This was addressed at the Rim of the World Town Hall meeting. Finally it was discussed at the ClubRally Stewards conference call this week. I have prepared what I believe is required for the FasTrack News Bulletin to get it fixed by mid-season. Please review, approve, and post the following - there are no changes in here, just correcting it to what was originally intended. Thank you very much.

Rick Hintz

FasTrack News Bulletin:

Annual ClubRally Championship Rulebook Corrections and Clarifications:

Article 9.6.C.5 - The points table provided is not in effect. The sentence above the table specifies the scoring system. The sentence after the table is not in effect - it is redundant. Starting and finishing points are as listed in Article 9.1.C, and there are no additional starting or finishing points.

Article 9.6.C.7 - Starting and finishing points are also multiplied by the coefficient of the event.

Article 9.6.F.1 - The second paragraph is not in effect - it has been replaced by the policy in the first paragraph.

Discussion of the necessity of above FasTrack clarification to Article 9.6.C.7 - I believe this is necessary to provide the intent of the earlier FasTrack Bulletin changing Article 9.6.C.9, where instead of counting 2/3 of events, 2/3 of total coefficients are counted. The examples in that FasTrack submission indicated that the goal was to make, for example, one Coefficient 1 and one Coefficient 2 equivalent in scoring to one Coefficient 3. 2nd place, for example, in both the C1 and C2 would be worth 1 15 1 (1 15 1) x 2 = 51. 2nd place in the C3 would be worth (1 15 1) x 3 = 51.

2nd message


The 2003 Rules need to be changed to accurately reflect the desired ClubRally Championship points system. This is a separate issue from the correction/clarification required in FasTrack for this 2002 season. As you work through the 2003 rules, please consider, approve, and adopt these amendments. Note that I am not making any actual rule change proposals here, merely wording corrections/clarifications. Thanks very much,

Rick Hintz

2003 Rulebook Change Proposals:

Article 9.6.C.5 - Delete the table and the sentence following it.

Article 9.6.C.7 - Add to the end of the first sentence ??to the points earned (starting, finishing position, and finishing).? Change the examples to be more complete by changing the point totals listed to ?22? and ?66?.

Article 9.6.C.9 - Make the corrections stated in the earlier FasTrack Bulletin.

Article 9.6.C.6 - There is no Article 9.6.C.6. Renumber 7 through 11.

Articles 9.6.D.1 and 9.6.D.3 - These need carefully-considered clarification based on the 9.6.C.9 changes.

Article 9.6.F.1 - Delete the second paragraph. Add ?by the ClubRally Series Manager? to the first sentence of the first paragraph after ?Championship Event?.
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