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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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>I've done a little looking into it and I can't determine if
>this year there will be a "ClubRally" national
>championship/runoff type event like there has been in years
>Can anyone clarify?

JB Niday at Rally America would be the guy to ask since R-A now owns "ProRally" and "ClubRally" - and the question would be best asked over on the R-A forums. www.rally-america.com

Halley ...
I wanna be invited to Jake's low water bridge christening ...

Big Jump 800
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It is Rally America's intention that 100 Acre Wood continues to be the regional rally championship... we haven't settled on a new name for the event yet.

Expect the top 3 drivers in each class from each of the 3 regions (East, Central, and West) to be invited... everyone else can come and run a fun rally.

J.B. Niday
1 - 4 of 4 Posts