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"Sports CAR" as bird cage vs kitty box liner- which is better?

>>And what does anybody else think of the hilarious "$25
>>value" crap regarding the SCCA magazine I myself value at
>It works well in the bottom of my birdcage.
Well! I completely disagree and think you're a silly boy! Nyah!

I don't need it for all the kittens cause they're going outside nowadays.

HEY HEY HEY! In our disgust at the stiffing us with a mag devoid of any interest have we lost the train of thought on what is meant by these rules and how are the different fees arrived at?

And come on what about the nonsense of the LICENCES running out when the membership does, that's crap!
And I can think of a half dozen or more boys who will be in that position.

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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Brian, before you turn your SportsCar over to your birds you might want to take a look at:

February 2003: 6 page ProRally 2002 Review (good photos too), Speed Freakz article on a Lauchlin O'Sullivan codriver, and Peter Hylton's article on Birth of Performance Rally.
March: 6 pages in Fastrack News on Performance Rally, J B Niday's Speed Freakz co-driver.
April: 5 pages of Fastrack News on PR, and if you have anything whatsoever to do with building or maintaining a rally car, don't miss the Transmission Secrets article.

And other Performance Rally info and photos scattered thru most every issue.

If your birds beat you to these issues you may want to consider flipping off the bird poop and taking a look! Don't let the 24/7, 365 negative outlook of others cause you to miss something you might enjoy.

And Brian, please don't fail to make it up to our events in North Georgia - not that far from you.

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Well, it was a tounge-in-cheek joke Bill I dont even have a bird I'm too busy building my car. :) There actually is some nice info in there, and you can buy it at my local Barnes & Noble if you are not a member.

The target date for my rally car to debute is the July 19 rallysprints at VIR, but I plan to bring my street car to the Resaca events before then, and then the rally car after that.

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What I find annoying is the way the membership time frame works. I suspect its easier for them to manage by having a set time period for the membership. However as a member who is often on a tight budget it can be very annoying. Especialy when you havent renewed, but then decide to run an event and renew, and you have to shell out $$ for a membership that expires in one month. I would much prefer that you pay your membership fee and it lasts from the day that you pay it.

Seth S
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