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close the door

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As it?s certain that next WRC event will be awarded to USA and new 2003 rules will take place, will WRC-USA event become a closed events for regional and other SCCA or CARS (Canadian) members?

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so how much of that statement was tongue in cheek?

my guess is IF the US, or any other NA area gets a WRC round, the "locals" will have a hard time entering... I understand it is that way all over..

I could understand wrong though... :)
>Here are my thoughts.
>From previous discussion I come to conclusion that double
>standards, protectionism and ?legal-illegality clearly exist
>inside your Rally Governing body.

yeah, and is present in most of the governing bodies around the world.

>Having ?Top Guns? on this continent definitively will help
>(or not) marketing this sport.

Most certainly, The Sport, not nessecarily our sport as the SCCA knows it...

>But you know?only one will
>get and this will open a Pandora box ? WHY NOT US?

Why not us, or why not THE US.???

Why not us? because we're not worthy. Sorry, I don't feel America is the propper place for WRC right now. Yeah, it would be great to see the heroes of rally, but I don't expect even 20,000 people to show, much less the hundreds of thousands that other places would bring.

Why not THE US? 2 words, Legal Liability. The lawyers have ruined this country (sorry Bruce :) ). You can't do a thing around here and not get sued. It's pathetic.

WHY NOT US (as said from a competitor)? Simple, because this is a world event, you can't be an Olympic Javelin thrower simply because you can throw a stick, and live in Salt Lake City... Don't fool yourself into thinking that many (any?) current SCCA competitor (with very few exception) will be ALLOWED to enter a WRC event.

>There is no question that many North America ?top ? drivers
>would like to participate in such events but?it could happen
>that the entry list would be closed?

as I expect it to be...

Just my 2.25CN (.02USD)
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RE: Re: Close the door

>Organizers have valid concerns over issues such as
>liability, but as of yet nobody seems willing to ask for
>outside help and be proactive about finding solutions. Is
>consultation with international organizers who have
>experience with larger rallies out of the question?...

just because you are not aware of it does not mean it is not happening...

the major stumbling block from my point of view is cash. Rally has no ROI in the states yet...
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