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close the door

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As it?s certain that next WRC event will be awarded to USA and new 2003 rules will take place, will WRC-USA event become a closed events for regional and other SCCA or CARS (Canadian) members?

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Here are my thoughts.
From previous discussion I come to conclusion that double standards, protectionism and ?legal-illegality clearly exist inside your Rally Governing body.
Having ?Top Guns? on this continent definitively will help (or not) marketing this sport. But you know?only one will get and this will open a Pandora box ? WHY NOT US?
There is no question that many North America ?top ? drivers would like to participate in such events but?it could happen that the entry list would be closed?

I agree that US, Canada or Mexico is not ready yet for such events but who is?.US have the biggest potential to organize such events and ?somebody? should take the chance and go for it.
But this is not about US - this is about marketing and politics of selling the cars(did you see in Mexico all the nice Peugeots on car dealers parking lot, do you see them here?), also WRC it?s not about 10K entry fees. To bring Kulig just for one national US events cost sponsors more than that! And sending Kulig to US was a part of rat race. Remember Poland also is trying to get WRC events.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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