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close the door

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As it?s certain that next WRC event will be awarded to USA and new 2003 rules will take place, will WRC-USA event become a closed events for regional and other SCCA or CARS (Canadian) members?

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>Why not us? because we're not worthy. Sorry, I don't feel
>America is the propper place for WRC right now. Yeah, it
>would be great to see the heroes of rally, but I don't
>expect even 20,000 people to show, much less the hundreds of
>thousands that other places would bring.

I believe that Quebec would be a worthy venue for a WRC event - great roads, great fan base, great tertiary (business, public sector, community) support, great (National) sanctioning body, current European driver involvement.

There would be significant event attendance (although I don't think FIA is interested in having 100,000 fans - probably quite the contrary - safety, stage cancelations etc... the money isn't made from on-site attendance, and it's all about money)

A winter event - with no studded tires. Very Canadian. Rallye de Quebec

>Why not THE US? 2 words, Legal Liability. The lawyers have
>ruined this country (sorry Bruce :) ). You can't do a thing
>around here and not get sued. It's pathetic.

Not as true in Canada - limits to punitive damage awards, no juries in civil cases, somewhat different mentality. In any case, both countries have run international rally events recently.

>>There is no question that many North America ?top ? drivers
>>would like to participate in such events but?it could happen
>>that the entry list would be closed?
>as I expect it to be...
>Just my 2.25CN (.02USD)

With a few exceptions, if we get a WRC event, I'm really not interested in seeing many SCCA/CARS drivers compete in it. I would guess that the WRC target audience isn't either.

IMHO, the reason for wanting a WRC event can't be because any but a very few of us want to run it - where's the impetus? I don't imagine that David Richards sits at home and says "Hmmm..., there's 100 non-professional North American drivers who want to run in one of my events - better get to work..." It's not as though anyone will "grandfather" into the WRC because they were involved way back when... (sorry to sound smart-assey)

The rally-community benefit in having a WRC event (which, as an international event has little to do with national car classification/rules and related squabbles) is to increase exposure of the sport. Even this is pretty minor - there has to be community benefit - regional, national exposure, increased tourism - things that have nothing to do with rallying per se.

And the non-professional North American drivers, while probably excluded from the WRC event, would benefit generally, from the massively increased exposure for rallying. How? More local exposure/awareness, corporate involvement, maybe a single marque series - a development ladder, eventually a homegrown WRC competitor.

Maybe those of us who won't be included among the 5 or 6 North American drivers allowed to compete in a WRC event should help make it happen.

How many Newfoundlanders will run the Targa?

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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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