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I was contacted by John Woolf's widow, Carol Judge, shortly after this post appeared on ss.com - http://www.specialstage.com/forum/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi?az=read_count&om=260&forum=DCForumID2

I find considerable strength in her words and offer them here, with her permission, in the hope that some may find comfort knowing how well she coped with her changed future twenty-one years ago.

>From: Carol Judge
>Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 6:45 PM
>To: Mike Halley
>Subject: Re: Hi from New Zealand

>Dear Mike
>I was so sorry to hear about Roger and Mark's death at the Oregon rally. Toni Shepherd had emailed and told me just before you. It is a real tragedy and I really feel for their families. I am happy for you to use my note if you want, if anything helps at this time. It just makes it feel like yesterday and you start asking all the questions - the main one of course - WHY does it happen to the good guys??
>It was good to hear from you and take care.

>>From: Mike Halley
>>To: Carol Judge
>>Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 4:22 PM
>>Subject: RE: Hi from New Zealand


>>I presume you've heard of the loss of Mark Lovell and Roger Freeman at last weekend's Oregon Trail rally. If not then please forgive me for the brusque nature of this note's first sentence, but I just had to contact you again.

>>Somehow, I've managed to be competing in the two saddest rallies in the history of the sport in our country and this evening I found myself searching out the thoughtful and comforting note you were kind enough to send me last year. I read your note again - several times now - and through the haze of tears welling in my eyes I realized that many effected by this most recent tragedy could find considerable comfort by reading those words as they grapple with their own changed futures. You are proof positive that life goes on, so with your permission I'd love to share the note below with the stateside rally community on the specialstage.com forums. If you would rather I not publish it then I will certainly honor that decision.

>>I want to thank you again for choosing to contact me last year, it meant more to me than you can imagine.

>>Mike Halley

>>>From: Carol Judge
>>>Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2002 3:12 AM
>>>To: [email protected]
>>>Subject: Hi from New Zealand

>>>Hi Mike
>>>Doug and Toni Shepherd passed on your e-mail address to me. They emailed me to look at your recent tribute to John and Grant which was really great. It is really good to know that all our old friends in USA still think about John and Grant in such a neat way. It is amazing that it is 20 years ago now. I myself now only have great memories of our rally time in the States. We had a great run and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - mainly due to the neat competitors! Lots of great friends were made.
>>>I will pass on the tribute to Allan and Colleen Woolf, and also Rich and Joan Whittaker. I am still in close contact with them.
>>>I still love to hear what is happening over there and keep in contact with Toni on a regular basis.
>>>My life here is pretty good. I have remarried to another great guy and have two daughters aged 13 and 8. So I am pretty lucky.
>>>Thanks again for your kind words Mike. I know that John was never happier than when we were in the States. It was a terrible accident and I still miss him after all these years but I like to think that John and Grant and Jon Woodner have got some big rally going on the sky!
>>>Take Care
>>>Carol Judge (formely Carol Woolf)

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You might pass this on please.

We spent Saturday in Paris Texas working a bicycle race. The Red River Amatuer Radio Club provides communication for our rallies and many other events such as the bicycle race. In fact, their web page lists many of their events and includes rallying. As our way of thanking them, we go help other events when we can. This weekend our rally team all went to Paris. We took the service truck and our 2 person crew took Ken's Durango. We loaded both vehicles with water and supplies to keep the checkpoints fully stocked. One worker commented that was the fastest he had every received supplies after requesting them. I told him it was because I was a rally driver. I did not mention that we had pre-positioned ourselves to be close to the rest stops.

But more important to this posting, we were standing around talking to the other radio operators. Since we were wearing shirts that said SCCA on them and because they recognized my truck, it finally dawned on some of them what we do when we are in Paris. The conversation turned to rallying and more than one of the radio operators remembered John and Grant. Even today, they are remembered by those who were there.

(We are working on him)
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