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>Pasi's "big penalty" was no doubt taken at control or
>service as with only 2 events under his belt, he was not
>contending for a championship, while Lagemann was. It's a
>team orders situation.
>Edit: I did the math, if Lagemann had finished 3rd and
>O'Neil had finished where he did (8th), they would have tied
>for 3rd in the championship (60 pts). By switching Pasi and
>Lagemann's finish position, they assured Lagemann of 3rd by
>himself. (Lagemann 63 pts; O'Neil 60 pts) I have forgotten
>how the tiebreaker is decided in case of ties for the
>championship, maybe someone else could refresh my memory. I
>think it has something to do with results in the previous

In case of a tie, its decided by comparing overall wins, most wins the tie, if still tied, then compare 2nd places, and so on until tie broken. So its based on who had highest results during year instead of steady results (sounds like Ramana's year to me)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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