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Dennis Wende has been busy scouring his archives for a taste of the PFR of old. Here's a few tasty quotes:

From 1977:
"The cars started off from City Hall with Miss Vancouver and BCTV in evidence, It was a pretty impressive collection of machinery (about 30 starters) and crews with many flashy jackets and stickers and stuff. Satch was there in his Snell '37 flying helmet..."

"...Virdi blew Randy Black's old car up in a big way. Someone put their hand through the hole in the block after the lump had cooled and couldn't find the crankshaft."

From 1979:

"The line-up was the usual mixed bag seen on this coast, a few very well prepared factory or dealer sponsored entries, the middle of the pack runners, and a few dogs which give the event the air of a demolition derby."

"Around this time a few of us found the dust was getting to us and we adjourned to the Canyon Inn in Yale for a few. While we were having the few, a middle aged guy walked up and said "Anyone here want to fight?" with a big smile on his face. We har-harred a bit about this and a much younger guy walked up to our friend and said sure, he'd take him on! ''Oh no, " said the old guy, "you're my son." "Come on, " says the son, "want to have a go?" This line of thought sort of petered out and we left soon afterwards for a little dull stage rallying."

"Marga was there to make sure that Taisto didn't mistake Miss Chilliwack or her princesses for groupies."

More from the 70s & 80s here:


Bill Westhead
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