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My dad wrote this the other day.
Just thought I would share it with all of you.


In the dark most forest, two thousand souls.

Boisterous, noisy, celebratory, comradery.

Flash lights roam the sky in carefree anticipation.

The slightest notion of exhaust note brings

Lights off, and...... concentrative, silence.

Then the roar and candle power in the dead dark.

Sound, light, skip tree trunks as stick on picket fence.

Full bore sideways rally car enters broad left sweeper

Driver struggles to stay on the headlit road.

Straightens out, blinding light at warp speed

Direct at crowd, brakes glow red, blow off chirps,

Sharp left up rocky hill out of sight and sound,

All in fifteen seconds, one quarter of a minute!!

Shouts of glee and admiration for those ?in car?.

Excited conversation resumes, flashlights come on.

Two minutes to the next one!!!

Rally of the Tall Pines 2004
Don Currie
Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.
December 1, 2004.
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