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Hi, l'm new here but not new to rallying or rally cars. I'm based in the U.K
So my question is around caster arm (tie rod) length change (arc) effectively causing bump steer.
My car is a AE86 Corolla and it is currently setup with rosejointed TCA's and poly bushed tie rods. The tie rods point down at the TCA when at ride height.
As the suspension goes through its travel the tie rods move in an arc, getting longer on compression (causing toe in) and shorter on droop (causing toe out) Disconnecting the tie rods shows virtually no toe change.
I think the some of the problem stems from the RJ TCA's as they do not resist any back/forth motion of the TCA.
Making the tie rods parallel to the ground will cause toe out in both directions, not ideal.
My conclusion is that l should try poly bushed TCA's with standard rubber tie rod bushes.
Any thoughts from anyone on this?
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