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I have had similar experiences with one glaring exception. Last summer, we entered the Car Craft show at the Minnesota Fairgrounds. We were met with equal amounts of support and hatred. I unintentionally parked next to a pristine 69 Copo (I think) Camaro. The entire day we were on the receiving end of disdainful glances by the gold chain adorned owner.

This event is somewhat a closed venue cruise as many of the participants slowly circulate around the grounds during the day. When we did the same, we heard everything from "cool, a rally car" to "get that jap crap out of here you f**khead". Jason Metzgar suffered the brunt of it as he was nominated to drive the car out of the grounds at the end of the day. All I can say is it is only due to his calm management of the situation that we were able to leave the grounds with no significant damage/vandalism to the car.

That example aside, we have participated in many other functions including auto shows, cruises, church youth group meetings, Pinewood Derbys, etc. In fact, we are displaying the car this weekend at another Pinewood Derby. At these functions, we have been welcomed with open arms and wonderment.

My suggestion is do what you can to promote the sport where it will be welcome. However, be careful with your choices as some enthuiasts out there are significantly closeminded and potentially dangerous. I guess for Mr. Gold Chain I mentioned earlier, any activity that can't be won with a diaper and carnuba wax is a threat to the american way of life!:p

Mark Utecht
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