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RE: Car Show Observations & the SCCA

I tend to stay away from the car show scene for my own reasons.

However, kids reactions are the best when they see the car.

In Chicago my 5 year old nephew notifies the entire school and neighborhood when Uncle Brian's "race car" is in town.

From just looking at the car to cheering on a 4wd burnout performed in the cul-da-sac (or however you spell it) kids reactions are the best. They can't lie and aren't afraid to loose there minds (just like me).

I burned a batch of CD's of all the internet rally videos that I have and had my Nephew's teacher hand them out.

Brian "Corrupting the youth of America....."

P.S....never tempt Uncle Brian to do a burnout.....
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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