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Car Show Observations & the SCCA

At last year's Long Beach CART event, the SCCA had a huge display. They had cars from the various events sanctioned by the SCCA, expcept one. Thats right, no Rally Cars. I asked the person at the SCCA table, if they knew which type of car was missing in their display. They could not answer. After telling them it was Rally, they said, "Do you mean this?" and handed me a flyer from Rim. I said yes, and moved the stack of flyers for Rim to the front of the table.

A quick notice to LA area rallyist to provide a car would have responded with people fighting to provide a car. It is sad, that the SCAA in organizing their display never even thought of Rally. The SCCA missed an execelent opportunity to market their fastest growing event.

I wonder if it will happen again this year? The event is in a week and a half!

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