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Our experiences at the Minneapolis Auto Show were much like Dennis', although far more people in this area know about SCCA and that we rally in the US. They DID want to know more about how rallying works...the new one-hour format for the SCCA events should provide more time for such things. We always try to have route books along at shows, and video is a must.

Five years ago, people would come up to the rally car and ask, "What are all the lights for?" This year, a 7-year-old ran up and shouted to his little brother, "LOOK! RALLY CARS!" The TV exposure is working.

Kim, the manufacturers - Subaru in particular - put rally cars on display all over the country, but the real impact is when the DRIVER or CODRIVER of THIS CAR is there to talk about it...and he's just a local guy. Emily was a big hit at the auto show because she had codriven THIS CAR and knew JUST how fast it goes. Oh, yeah...she's 22 and female, too...

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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