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Excellent observations, you should send your comments to Speed and SCCA.

I do agree 100%, and I can give examples. When a did TSD's at my home country, some years ago, nobody knew anything about any kind of rally. Performance Rally was almost no existent with a pathetic calendar and no exposure whatsoever. The only thing similar that few people knew was the Paris-Dakar.

Well, after a long period of education the results are astonishing. I've been without any contact for couple of years. So, I checked last week to find out that they have now a great calendar, massive number of people is attending the races, the number of competitors healthily grew, and even Peugeot noticed it and started a 206 series with a full prepped car at, are you on your seat?, under $10K?!?! with full finance by the credit sister company. They sold all 22 cars for this year in 2 days, with several being bought in the first 15 minutes.

Again, congrats on taking up the opportunity.


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