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RE: Car Show Observations & the SCCA

What are the exact dates of the Long Beach thing? And will the SCCA have a booth there again? My car is on a transport heading to Mazda North American Operations HQ in Irvine right now to go on display. We may be able to get it across town to the Long Beach thing if I get some info and can get it to my truck driver.

In the past year, my car has been on display at Hot Import Nights in San Francisco, "100 Years of Ford Racing" celebration at Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, Import Expo show in Chicago, Mazda R&D in Irvine, CA, Johnson Controls in Holland, MI, the Sachs booth at Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis, IN, and I have done presentations at MTU (with Mark Utecht, Chris Whiteman, and Steve Gingras) and just did a presentation on rallying with the car at an SME dinner in Flint, MI. Future appearances this year will be at Kart2Kart in Detroit, Mazda's Woodhaven facility south of Detroit, and Ford's Centennial Celebration with the Tripoint World Challenge cars in Dearborn, MI.

Reaction has always been positive. I was a bit concerned at the "100 Years of Ford Racing" celebration. Drivers like Force, Junior Johnson, etc. were there and among all the stock cars, GT40's, etc., my car was the only Mazda. To my surprise, I was welcomed with open arms and got an intimate tour of a couple rally Escort RS1800s that were gorgious.

The Hi-Rev Tuners segment is from the Hot Import Nights show and provided more camera time than an entire season of actual rally coverage on Speedvision. So far the episode has been shown at least 6 times, too.

My goal at the Ford Centennial is to meet Beyonce Knowles.
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