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My driver, Mike Hurst, also displayed his Group 5 car (the Mustang) here at the Indianapolis World of Wheels recently. It was part of an SCCA display along with an autocross car, and two road race cars (one open wheel, one not).

I stopped by to just say HI and stayed for 8 hours - MANY people stopped and asked about the car and rallying; many had seen SpeedVision rallying and were curious. Dennis, I have to echo your comments all the way...

Actually having a Mustang worked well at this show as the majority of the displayed cars were cruisers of some sort or detroit muscle cars. Out of the 100 or so cars less than 15 were imports. Heavy traffic at times meant there was always someone to talk too. Luckily Mike had made a quickie video tape with some of his footage as well as some WRC and British championship stuff - it really got attention.

I would swear that not a one had heard of the SCCA or knew that rallying was actually done in the U.S.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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