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We (as RallySport Ontario) put two rally cars in the 2003 Toronto Auto Show at the Performance Racing News booth (thanks PRN), and had rally people help man the booth in shifts (since its a 10-day show. We've also managed, in previous years, to piggy-back with a manufacturer (Ford in 2002, Subaru in 2001, 2000). Dennis' observations are similar to what I've seen working the booth.

BTW. There were at least 12 rally cars in the Toronto show:

6 pseudo-vintage cars at the Targa Newfoundland booth
2 current cars at the PRN booth
(Sprongl's Evo, Reilly's Focus)
ACP's Evo at the Inside Track booth
Paynter's Subaru in its own little corner
The Prius at the Toyota booth
1 show car (Focus WRC) at the Ford booth

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