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Having displayed my car (as part of our SCCA Region display) at the Cleveland Auto Dealers show for ten days (700,000 paid attendance) and at the Custom Car Show in Cleveland (70,000 paid), the reaction to a rally car has been incredible.
In part due to the fact that SpeedVision is part of the basic cable package for the city and surrounding areas. It seemed that people were much more aware this year about rally, having seen the WRC coverage. When asked about events in the area, I could see the dissappointment that there weren't any events close by. Our region has just found a location for our first rallycross, plus enough room to expand to a rallysprint format, so hopefully we can get some more local exposure. I was able to make some good corporate contacts, in fact picking up a sponsor that wants me to display the car at several trade shows.
I used all my in-car video's,TV/VCR on the roof, plus a poster with photographs and spec charts for the car. I had my rally computer powered up with a small drycell battery, plus map lights in the car. Route books and stage notes also. To spice up the display, I play the in-car Manx rally tape,that ALWAYS draws a crowd.
At the Dealers show this past month, at one point we had 118 people in our booth at one time. We displayed four road race cars, an AutoX car, a TSD rally WRX, and my rally car (Ford Focus). Region volunteers manned the booth.
In my opinion, if looking for potential sponsors,you can't have too much exposure. I always use the show demographics in my sponsor proposals. Plus it gets me out of the house in the middle of winter.

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