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Left seat and not British!
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OK...Co-Driver talking here....and management consultant for a day job.

What did it cost you to enter this car show? How about if PRB/PRD took some of the gazillions of dollars they get, or the manufacturers kicked in directly to support RALLY CARS IN PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS WITH VIDEO STUFF (like adding in the new SCCA recruiting video?)

We probably have 20 or so opportunities in the St. Louis area each year...some greater than others...but we don't have a car to show (unless we can talk Justin Pritchard's Mini into coming over from Ohio). A sad state of affairs...Maybe Paul Dunn would come down. But even my old 510's would not be particularly exciting....even when I get them finished...well maybe for other old farts!

People touching rally cars and talking to rallyists is how grassroots works. NASCAR works because everybody THINKS they're just like Bubba out there. Will it DIRECTLY produce sponsorship for you? Doubt it. Will it raise awareness and demand in the marketplace which in turn can have a tremendous effect on your ability to secure better sponsorship? You bet. And remember Dennis said he found some willing crew...anybody got too many helpers?

Kim DeMotte
Official Old Fart, etc.
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