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Canadian Team To Take On African Challenge:
Tunisian Desert Rally El-Chott

Guelph Ontario- The recently formed Canadian Desert Rally Team is setting out on the adventure of a lifetime later this year. Albert Roelofs and Andrew Miller have committed to a two-week race through the desert sands of Tunisia, taking place in November.

The ?Rally EL-Chott is a 2800 KM two week rally raid organised by the German BSO Motorsports group. The rally- geared toward an international set of competitors in modified cars and on motorcycles- is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. Teams will depart from the German Olympic stadium in Munich and after a ceremonial start and a prologue stage will make there way south to the tip of Italy. From there it?s on to the ferry and two weeks of dust, sand and beautiful scenery in the North African country of Tunisia.

The team may not notice much of the scenery however. Team Owner/driver Albert Roelofs explains, ?Desert Racing is a gruelling affair, driving as fast as you dare through the dunes while trying not to get lost takes all your concentration. Some days you?ll be racing for 12 or 15 straight hours. Competition is tight and the desert can be a tricky place?. Thirteen days, nearly three thousand kilometres and as many as 100 other teams will make there race a difficult one indeed.

?This is going to be a once in a lifetime adventure? exclaims co-driver Andrew Miller. A 10-year veteran of the Canadian Rally Racing scene this will be the first such race for Miller, ?there?s not a whole lot of desert in Canada so this is going to be a unique experience for me.? It will be Miller?s job to keep the team on course through a combination of maps, route instructions and GPS. Quite the task when every dune looks the same and pulling over to ask a passing camel for directions isn?t an option. Andrew also plans to keep a running diary open on the team?s website www.candrt.com chronicling their progress.

The team will be participating in a Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) that has been specially prepared for the race. ?It?s the perfect Vehicle for this race? explains Albert ?Nimble, powerful and really well built.? The rally, which also has classes for large trucks and motorcycles, is expected to attract more than 150 international entries. The team will be leaning heavily on the past rally winning experience of Albert as well as the strength of the Mitsubishi in their quest for a top spot in the rally.

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