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Are you interested in Canadian Motorsport History? Are you researching old motorsport events or past participants? Are you A PIECE of Canadian Motorsport history yourself??

I'd just like to let you know that a group of like minded people, many of whom are writing books about Canadian Motorsport History, have formed a dedicated discussion group. The Canadian Motorsport History Group, a Yahoo group, was established in February as a forum for researchers and historians to discuss their particular interests and research needs.

In the short time the group has been together it has proven to be the catalyst needed to spur on many projects and has provided contacts or resources needed for many diverse projects like boat racing, sporty car racing, Can-Am, Canadians in Indycar, Canadian racetracks, and my own Shell 4000 Rally project.

While the group is not officially associated with the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, guiding members of that group are frequent contributors to the discussion and glean information for the archive. When you come right down to it, we are all aiming for the same objective: preserving and promoting Motorsport in Canada.

If you can either contribute to the group or benefit from it, stop by and sign up:


--Marcel Chichak [email protected]
Edmonton Alberta Canada, eh?
Peek into my world: www.telusplanet.net/~chichm
and visit my history page www.shell-4000-rally.org
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