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Since early this week (specialstage.com has been down) we have had a licensed drivers mailing list running. I encourage each licensed driver and/or co-driver to join up.

To subscribe:

send an email containing your
CARS license #
Club Name

to: [email protected]

For information about the list, send a blank email to:

[email protected]

If you are not a CARS license holder but have competed in a Canadian Performance Rally (regional or national) in the last 2 years, please include the name of the event as well in your subscription email.


I have volounteered to maintan this as an official list for CARS, thereby eliminating the requirement for you to send in your info and such, but it is not an official list at this time, but I do know that the board will be discussing it in the future.

In the future we may set this up as a forum here on SS, I have been working with the forum guys to set this up and its in testing right now, but we need to get everyone online first :)


Here is what you would get if you sent an email to [email protected]


Welcome to [email protected].

At an impromtu competitors' meeting at the 2004 Rally of the Tall Pines, the competitors present decided to create an online discussion group for Canadian performance rally license holders. The intent behind the creation of this discussion group was to gather and communicate the thoughts of active Canadian performance rally PARTICIPANTS as a group.

The [email protected] mailing list is the result of that meeting.

If you know of other CARS or ASN Canada FIA rally licensees who may be interested in being part of this online discussion group, please ask them to send an email to [email protected] to get subscription information about the list.

At this point in time, the list is closed to the general public and is restricted to existing Canadian rally license holders ONLY. In the future, the list may be expanded to include public access, however, many other forums already exist for that purpose. Aside from this list, there is no existing communication mechanism reserved for actual participants.

As a subscriber, please feel free to send emails to the mailing list. You can be assured that all recipients are indeed CARS licensees (to the best of our knowledge) and we hope that this will allow you to more freely express your thoughts and concerns about the sport.

The discussions on this list are intended to be for list members only, and are strictly not to be re-posted on public forums. We reserve the right to remove members from the mailing list for failing to follow this policy.

Any questions please email [email protected].


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