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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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Ben Bradley is marshalling SS-1/4/7 at Dryad/Shitepoke right now but when he found he had cell coverage he gave me a buzz to see what was shakin' at STPR. While chatting he said that 27 cars passed him and subsequently checked into FTC1. He thought Eklund, Patterson and Hintz looked primed for a real battle but he really had no scoring information available.

His next call (after SS-4) found just 24 cars past his post. Apparently, the Production Class Acura of Mark Tabor/Kevin Poirier is reported as parked behind some banner tape somewhere and the other two cars out appear to be #258 (Dahl) and #240 (Blakely).

Spoeaking of the Tabors, they managed to get pretty much the entire family entered this weekend. As mentioned, there's the Acura, then Papa Bruce and John Elkin are in one of two Tabor Sentras, I'm told Kristin and Mom are in the other SE-R and plans were even afoot to place Matt and Mark's wives in the Geo - but that likely would have exceeded some cosmic Tabor rally density threshhold and, perhaps thankfully for our flavor of the space/time continuum, didn't come to pass.


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RE: Dryad Quest /Shitepoke Rallies out West

>thought Eklund, Paterson and Hintz looked primed for a real
>battle but he really had no scoring information available.

Here is some unofficial info:

Dryad Quest--Saturday (about 67 stage miles, overcast, recent rains but mostly dry in the morning)

Tim Paterson came out strong in his clean, white Evo 4 and spanked Hintz, Eklund and Cavett by 5-25 seconds on most every stage and took the overall win on Saturday. Eklund was first car on the road and had one bad stage with an uncharacteristic off in which he collected up a field's worth of tall grass and the corner arrow for instruct #4 which stuck in his hood vent for the duration of the stage... Apparently Jamie Thomas went off at the same 4th gear 70mph "easy left" (unmarked)into medium right as well as Shadd Foster in the Fling Pu Maxda RX3, and follwed Eklund's ruts thru the tall grass to return to the road (only to find that Eklund's ruts continued across the road and off on the other side of the right hander... hopefully they didn't do that part...) Paterson first, Hintz second, Eklund third.

Jamie Thomas was putting in Open Class times in her PGT WAGON and finished high in the standings.

John McKean drove his Turbo Starion/Conquest to victory in G5 on Sat against Rick Schmeling in his Turbo RX7 (former Hintz championship winning G5 car) and ahead of rotory crews of Hederos, Wellemeyer and Foster.

Group 2 saw some new faces as people like Hartman and Fuller did not show up for this awesome rally. Thompson and Blackburn were smoking for both days and BEAT Group 5 on both days!

The Tabors flooded Production Class with Sentra's and the Acura's and battled it out amongst themselves. Team orders apparently did not always hold...

Saturday introduced an new, terrific stage called Satsop which featured a wide, smooth track with a light coat of small gravel. It was a great stage and we hope to use it again in the future.

Sunday - Shitepoke - only a little rain overnight and a relatively dry morning gave way to showers and sometime hard rain throughout the afternoon. about 68 more stage miles for a total of over 130 stage miles! Rally ran just about on schedule on both days.

Eklund came out of the box strong on Sunday setting top time by a good margin (19 seconds) on the first stage and nearly duplicating that on Stage 2. Stages 3 and 4 were a repeat of 1 and 2. Paterson was first on the road and rolled heavily not too far into Stage 3 in the rain. He landed on his wheels facing the wrong way, but limped the car off to the side, leaving only his jacket and mirror in the road as an indication of their off as the Hintz's passed. When Eklund went by the jacket was gone (appparently sucked out the shattered driver's side glass) and they stood with the OK sign. They later motored off the stage and retired.

After Stage 4, Eklund maintained a good margin (~45 seconds)on the Hintz's and Cavett who were neck-and-neck. Stage 5 found Eklund struggling. It was the 18.5 mile long Nahwatzel stage with a variety of conditions. In trying to lay back a bit, Eklund found the sides of the road and ditches frequently and lost ~20 seconds to the hard-charging Hintz's and half that to Cavett. Now holding only a 20-second lead, Eklund switched back to "full throttle" on the repeat of Nahwatzel and won the last stage by 11 seconds and secured the overall win. Cavett nosed off early on the last stage and got a tug out but finished way down the rankings.

Jamie romped to 3rd overall and PGT victory. Schmeling dominated G5 as McKean had tire trouble, Wellemeyer's lost a strut, and Foster lost most everything including the defrost, front brakes and exhaust... Doug Hederos hung in there for 2nd!

Mark Tabor put a new strut on the Acura (broke it and DNF'd on Saturday) and won Production class and the WSRC points... Siter Kristen was beating dad for a while in the matching Sentra's, but later relinquished the advantage...

Lotsa other stories from out west I am sure. Check them out in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST forum.

last edited to correct spelling of Tim Paterson's name.

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RE: Dryad Quest /Shitepoke Rallies out West

Just an FYI. Tim only has one T in his last name. It is Paterson.


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Group 2 was full of good stuff this event!

James Thompson and Richard Blackburn pretty much dominated both days. They run an '85 GTI, and have been getting faster and faster every event. Fast guys like Hartmann, Tennis, Perret, Third & Bottles will have someone new to dice it up with pretty soon I think :)

Craig Hollingsworth/David Hackett I think ended up 2nd for day 1, but a speeding penalty dropped him like 3 places (that's how much a difference 30 seconds in G2 made this weekend) on day 2.

Terry Christensen & Terry Woltman in thier Mazda 323 (G2 variety!) were a strong newcomer, and finished well both days (I think 3rd and 2nd). SS3 on day 2 was insane for this team, as I think they were 3rd or 4th fastest on the road.

Chip Miller & Rob McLeiland running a Honda in Chip's second event picked up a lot of speed second day. Chip was cheerful all weekend, and because of Craig's penalty, he ended up 3rd on day 2!

Kris Dahl rolled his datsun 510 on day 1, but suffered almost no damage and was eventually able to continue. I didn't get a chance to talk to these guys, but I think they finished both days despite the rollover.

David Ellis and Judd Gallagher in the VW Rabbit finished both days, and were another team I didn't get to talk to at all.

Chris Blakely and Jason Grahn in my '92 VW GTI broke a driveshaft on SS1 saturday and limped to the start of SS2 on 1 wheel drive. Once we stopped, we couldn't get started again at the uphill start to SS2, so we were forced to retire. Day 2 was going well until we tagged a log about 3 miles from the end of the long Nahwahtzel stage, destroying our right front wheel and tire, which we limped out on and changed to get back to service. Despite repairing everything in time to get out of service, our front brakes were not working, and the alignment was way off causing the car to handle unpredictably, leading me to decide to run slow enough through SS6 (repeat of SS5) to finish the rally.

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RE: Dryad Quest /Shitepoke Rallies out West

>Mark Tabor put a new strut on the Acura (broke it and DNF'd
>on Saturday) and won Production class and the WSRC points...
> SiSter Kristen was beating dad for a while in the matching
>Sentra's, but later relinquished the advantage...

The DNF was due to a failure in the strut, as in it sheered off at the bottom where it mounts to the spindle. Essentially a from-the-factory weld broke. Possibility that the spring perch also broke (may have even broke first). End result was we were dragging the back of the car on the ground (actually came to a stop).

We took it apart on stage and attempted to put it back together to get us to service, but with the strut bent like a question mark and with no spring perch to put the spring onto, it wasn't going to happen.

Came back later with an assembled strut/spring and within 30-45 minutes were on our way to the end, collecting our first DNF since Rim of 2001.

Then there was the tree on Sunday...no time lost, but collected our first body damage on the Acura!!

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Production battles

There were a few other people in Production, but I beat all the non-Tabors, and feel pretty good about that. :)

I can't help it if Papa couldn't keep up, but I had to at least try to go fast, right? It would be embarrassing to go slow in that car.

My lessons in the Geo worked. Now I get to discover the higher gears (and subsequent speeds!) of the Nissan! :)

Actually, now that I think about it, I think that Dad had to step up the pace so he could beat at least ONE of his kids.... I know that I didn't slow down much.

Hey, does anyone have any pictures of me on the mainline roads? It felt like I was doing okay into and through the corners off the mainlines, but I'd love to see what it was I was doing from the outside. I know there were people there, Mom kept telling me that we wanted to turn BEFORE the line of banner tape and people.

That, and I could here y'all cheering (we had our windows opened a crack for extra ventilation)... which was really way cool.

:) Yes, we had fun. Can you tell? :)


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"Terry Christensen & Terry Woltman in thier Mazda 323 (G2 variety!) were a strong newcomer, and finished well both days (I think 3rd and 2nd)."

Ahem, that was 2nd both days! It was great seeing you out there again Chris. Look forward to all the competition in Group 2, its a great class to cut our teeth on. Glad you were able to get the car back together the 2nd day.

Thanks to Doug of chaserace.com fame for the towing and service for the weekend. Its so nice pulling into service and not having to worry about the car, or having a nice clean car the 2nd day, or pretty much just showing up and racing. Its a rookie's dream come true!
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