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>Like all good netizens, I scoped it out to see if this was an
>urban legend by going to Snopes.com.
>This is a legit story, so the question changes to: can we
>race on it?!

It might as well be an urban ledgend - as it's not built yet, and spring of 2006 is going to go right past with little work on it.

When Christine and I did the Grand Canyon TSD a couple months ago - we saw the site that they started buiding it on. There are some steel forms and some scattered equipment - but no skywalk. No building either. I really think they spent tons on marketing - and now they're living off of that for a little while. No one said "it's not built yet" until we got out there. Yet pictures of it are on EVERYTHING!

It looks cool - and would be wide enough if you could somehow clear out the giftshop. :p

- Kris
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