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· Rally, my drug of choice.
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i fully support any car project with your kids!!!!

in your area it seems that it's more of a NASA thing, but also ARA is down there too. They don't do much in the way of rally cross, they are more stage rally. Up here SCCA was the main rallycross people, but not sure else where. I would look at hooptie cross, they seem to be having way better luck with finding land to run rally crosses on vs the SCCA, again up here anyways.

I'm not familiar with the mazda2 enough to know if they cross over to any other platform. But for rally cross the recipe is pretty simple, keep it as stock as you can, get some new shocks, and go have fun. I don't rally cross, so I can't comment on the rules and classes, but i do know the more you mess with it, the more you get bumped in classes. sometimes simpler is better.

Good luck with the build!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts