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I am posting this here so it does not get lost in the Historic Forum.

After seven stages, John Buffum and Ralph Beckman are fourth overall in the 2005 Historic Monte Carlo Rally, 93 seconds behind the leaders.

They are competing in Ralph's 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, prepared by Vermont Sports Cars. There are still 304 cars competing in the rally from a start list of 352.

Doug Woods

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>I am posting this here so it does not get lost in the
>Historic Forum.

Good idea. I almost missed it.

Ahhhhhh..... Rally as God intended it should be!!!

From here:
300+ French entries and only 3 US entries? Wassup with that? Bummer.

As I write this the scores have not been posted.... I hope to see them tomorrow.

Who won? What type of car?

Are there links for photos somewhere?

JB is my hero!
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