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Brown Bull manure and the Sieraa club are announcing thier partnership on a more enviormentaly friendly Rally Series.
Competitors will run a spec class of Ford Probes , The "Brown Ford Probes" will run steam turbine engines. Cars will be installed with convertors that use the methane gas from Brown Bull manure to create steam to power the turbine. Brown Bull's CEO Hugh Dunghead said our new slogan will be "Brown Bull give's you steam" .
The Sierra club has stated that safety will be a big issue , the Probes laoded down with 600lbs of Bull Manure will be capable of over 17 MPH. If a car should go off the the road and hit a tree the driver will be required to hold the tree close until a trained Truama Botanist arrives on Scene.
Sierra Club and Brown Bull have both denied the ruomr that Billy Bob's Baked Beans had originally signed to sponsor the methane powered probe series but there were a rash of drivers showing up in emergency rooms with carburators stuck to thier bums.

Tom Grossmann , SEED 9 News
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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