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Just wanted to give everyone an idea of what could have happened had there been spectators to the left of the landing of the yump. The Tom Young/ Jim Lebeau Gr.5 Neon landed a bit too far to the right in the gravel and took out Replica's small handheld camera placed next to the tarmac. The car then veered heavily to the left and Tom placed all four wheels off to the left of the tarmac. Fortunately he gathered up the car (I saw the side of the car and thought it was going over for sure) and finished the stage. Had spectators been anywhere near the landing like there were last year there would have been casualties. Trying to find home for all of the spectators in the future could prove troublesome if there was a crowd like there was last year. This was eerily similar to the Jay Kowalik jump of 1999. I'm thinking that year there were about 20-30 spectators there back then. Just wanted to let people know who wanted to go there. I should start posting photos on Wednesday if everything goes okay. I took about 18 rolls.


P.S. Replica's tape looked salvagable.:7

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>Just a note, we certainly would have reduced our entry speed
>had there been spectators allowed on the jump.
>Can't wait to see some pics.
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Same here. I didn't tap the brake before launch this year (as I was compelled to do last year). Should be interesting to see the photographic evidence...

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