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AMGTV confirms Worldwide distribution for British Rallycross
Following the rapid growth of Rallycross both in the UK, Europe, and worldwide with the FIA World Championship, interest in the MSA British Rallycross Championship has been growing fast.
Following negotiations with several distribution agencies, a deal has now been struck and agreed that will see the MSA British Rallycross Championship in association with the Shannon Group screened around the world.
The first country to take the full UK Championship will be the USA, who will be taking the 1 hour edit just days after each first broadcast in the UK. More countries are expected to sign soon.
This deal puts the production agreement with AMGTV/BRX in a very strong position to push and promote the MSA British Rallycross series to as many homes as possible and hopefully generate even more interest in what is already looking like the best season ever for the sport.
In a separate deal, The USA also plan to show the full 2 hour edits of the 2014 season and we expect confirmation of this very soon.
For those wishing to find out more information on this news, the channel is MAV TV and is seen in Canada and the USA.
More details can be found here
Speaking on behalf of AMGTV, Andy Glossop told British Rallycross “I am very pleased to see our distribution network growing to a worldwide market that really appreciates high quality programming. The US in particular now demands High Definition as the standard broadcast format. Our viewers can now watch us in so many new ways- with our livestreaming available on every round, plus highlights around the globe in the weeks following, and our own on-demand player as well. No-one should miss out now”
British Rallycross Chairman Dave Bellerby was equally excited and said “Last year Andy and his team at AMGTV did a very good job in ensuring a very high standard with the coverage of British Rallycross. The news that his team has secured this worldwide deal comes as no surprise, but vindicates the use of his services for this year. AMGTV have over the last few months worked very hard for the benefit of British Rallycross and this deal confirms that. It is great news so early in the year.”
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