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Ray and others who have written emails:
I appreciate the interest but sometime we are overtaken by rapidly changing events, and as nice as these tires are, for the target market, that is to say YOU CLUB GUYS, the price must be very very attractive relative to the other tires on the market.

And it is a hard thing trying to do something like this in a very capital intensive/low mark up nich like tires.

Since beginning the process last year, the US dollar to Euro Exchange rates have gone thusly:
15 months ago for me to buy one Euro would cost me 87.5 cents US.
Last week for me to buy one Euro would cost me $1.175.
Huge difference in the cost.
They are excellent tires, strong as hell.
But the political policies which are the cause of the falling exchange rate are out of my hands at leeast untill the Presidential Elections.

Add to that the suspension of club rally the week before we were to place a, for us, big order of 4-5000 bucks, and the fear of losing our shirts was palpable.

The intention of the whole Black Rocket adventure was not merely to supply just another tire, but to supply one with a big advantage and that would be a PRICE advantage so that the average club guy could afford fresher tires more frequently, to counterbalance the advantage of pure spending.

Perhaps you guys can tell me what per-cent price difference the tires must be in order to be attractive enough to actually order them.
But as i had initially suggested prices at one place and by time we were ready to go the cost had risen by 25 to 28%, it was concluded to hold on a bit and see what develops.

Remember to register and remember to vote.

PS: the people who benifit from a lower US dollar exchange rate are those selling US made products overseas, so US EXPORTS are cheaper, like Boeing aircraft, and and and.....what else does anybody buy US made overseas????

Jim, sorry about this but the whole thing is supposed to be very nearly a 'public service', nearly. :(

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

Black Rocket Rally Tires
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