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It was a great rally..
was ruined by the rain.
The rain caused serious mud conditions, and
poor course layout left many confused..
they got lost or stuck and subsequently ended
up with huge time penalties.
Only one stage of the three was run, after a huge
section of the course was detoured.
Many felt the whole day should have been droped from scoring.
The sun came out, and we had a perfect day for rallying.
The roads were (in my opinion) in great shape.
Taking in to account we had 27 inches of rain the day before !
The two new stages were a lot of fun.
They aparently had a few worker issues, involving
some timing errors. And I don't know if they
all got straightened out or not.
But for the most part I thought it was a great event.
And all that went should remember to thank the organisers
For a great club event that cost less then $400 to enter !
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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