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Well, it was quite the interesting event. 100 Year's flood waters on Friday; then beatiful, sunny, and comfortable weather (mid-upper 60's with an intermittent breeze) with mostly dry, but not dusty, roads on Saturday.

I drop off 5 rolls of 36 exposure tomorrow :eek:. When I get them back I'll scan and put up as many shots as I can, when I can (I've got the Burlington RallyCross this weekend [http://www.vtcar.com] so it may be a bit 'till they all get posted.) I tried to get at least one shot of everybody, though I know I didn't (a VW broke a CV joint right in front of me on Stage 4, so I had to put down the camera and play worker for a few minutes until we could get it off the road, triangles set up, etc.) I was shooting on Stages 4, 9, and 11.

Matt "K2" Kennedy
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