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No one has anything to say about Black River Stages? I was holding off to hear something here on SS... But since I finally got a phone call with some info, I can at least post and ask how it was...


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It was a great rally..
was ruined by the rain.
The rain caused serious mud conditions, and
poor course layout left many confused..
they got lost or stuck and subsequently ended
up with huge time penalties.
Only one stage of the three was run, after a huge
section of the course was detoured.
Many felt the whole day should have been droped from scoring.
The sun came out, and we had a perfect day for rallying.
The roads were (in my opinion) in great shape.
Taking in to account we had 27 inches of rain the day before !
The two new stages were a lot of fun.
They aparently had a few worker issues, involving
some timing errors. And I don't know if they
all got straightened out or not.
But for the most part I thought it was a great event.
And all that went should remember to thank the organisers
For a great club event that cost less then $400 to enter !

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Thanks to everyone who helped put this event on this year,
we had a great time racing!

The day+ 1/2 of solid rain made Friday a mess. The route
book didn't help. (maybe someone will scan a piece for
show) 2wd cars were having trouble even on the
parade lap, so the couse was shortened causing some
confusion. This created a great scattering of times to
start Saturday. Some folks were in the 4s, others
as high as 16!

Saturday got clear and sunny by the start of Parc Expose'
and was a great day for rallying. Cold air for that
heavy charge, ;), and good cooling, and reasonably
dry roads in most spots. There were some minor delays
waiting for ambulences and radio, but nothing major.

Here's what I remember after the NE Club Steward
continued to re-fill my empty beer glass for an hour,
I got almost no sleep and after the 10 hour drive home.

Cash prizes!!!! What a cool deal. Patsy was happy
to accept all the ones that weren't present. ;-)

1-Tom Lawless
2- John Drislane
3/4 B. Cunningham/Patsy Lily. Brain fry I can't remember who
ended up 3rd. It was quite close all day,
with stage times swapped in the hundreths in many cases.
5- Jason Rivas/myself

O: Drislane, ?? ??
(lawless's seed 1 precluded him from O class points,but
he was given the overall)

GT: Nial Donnelly, 2nd was Healey 3rd:? Stevens/Bosley?
G2: John Groo, ??, ??
P: Goss, ??, ??
G5: ?? Brain fry here as well. sorry.

I think there were 48 starters and 7? non finishers.
some new seed 8s finished. Good Job!

At least 2 cars found swampy areas again this year.
I think one continued. (VR4?)

Seamus immeadiately went out and started to dominate.
He was running away from the pack, over a minute up,
but pulled out after an odd motor noise began when
he was off the throttle. He withdrew at the second service.

John Groo took first in G2 even after running for a
bit on 3 cylinders. Aparently a lifter died, and
caused some cam and tower damage. The entire thing
was repaired at the next service.

Jon Bogert had an unfortunate easy off(damage-wise) which
somehow affected his cooling system and he was
DNS after the transit to SS4 (sat. stage 1)

JD Ackley's Golf had an engine mech. issue early on day 2.
He had thrown a belt on SS1 Friday as well, but the
two may be unrelated.

James Fox had what appeared to be an ugly roll.
The Green Saab turbo was duct taped back together,
and after some friendly spectators returned their
lexan rear window they were able to continue.
-->James had driven the car to the event.<--
No word on if he got home without state patrol asking for
his Duct Tape license.

Scott Gardner/Sumit Panjabi had a roll into some marshy
terrain late Sat night on the way in to SS11/12.
They had overcome some 'zero boost' problems earlier in
the day on the Audi. 12 was a night stage with some twisty corners,
large rocks and a bit of fog on the way out.

Liam Egan seemed to be having gearbox or differential
trouble after Friday nights stage from the smell of
the fluid. No word on the cause.

Martin Donnelly had a very hard charge Sat. afternoon
trying to retake ground from Friday night.
But after 4 very good times, he didn't arrive at the
next control. No word on what happened.

Ken Kovach/Ray Summers had a coolant leak after a
close brush with the scenery. A bit of bubble gum
from a competitor fixed the problem.

The Birbilis Escort came into stage 13? IN dragging the sump guard?
along undernearth. I didn't get a chance to talk to Tony
after that unfortunately.

I'm told even though Dean Fry's daughter has been
around rally since she was 4 (she's in college at UofDel)
she's never been in his rally car. SHAME!! }>
She and a friend were working finish controls.

Alex "The RallyBrat" Kihurani was there working starts and took some video. (hmm Alex is 16 soon, time for a new nickname. he's already
taller than much of the rally community)

Thats all for now. I need to go pass out. Hopefully some
kind souls will post corrections, storys, explanations,
and blatant lies.


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Well, it was quite the interesting event. 100 Year's flood waters on Friday; then beatiful, sunny, and comfortable weather (mid-upper 60's with an intermittent breeze) with mostly dry, but not dusty, roads on Saturday.

I drop off 5 rolls of 36 exposure tomorrow :eek:. When I get them back I'll scan and put up as many shots as I can, when I can (I've got the Burlington RallyCross this weekend [http://www.vtcar.com] so it may be a bit 'till they all get posted.) I tried to get at least one shot of everybody, though I know I didn't (a VW broke a CV joint right in front of me on Stage 4, so I had to put down the camera and play worker for a few minutes until we could get it off the road, triangles set up, etc.) I was shooting on Stages 4, 9, and 11.

Matt "K2" Kennedy
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