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Black River Stages Lodging

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Hey guys, I'm going up to Black River in NY from NC.

I know they have a ton of lodging info on their website, but, can anyone recommend anything? There are a good 40 places listed, and none of them are really 'name brand' type of places.
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I guess you've never been to Harrisville NY :+ Harrisville has no traffic lights and 50 or so residences. The nearest 'brand name' place is many miles away. When my son had a bad migrane the other year we went 1/2 hour to get to a hospital emergency room. I imagine most places will be dry and warm. We've been staying in "camps" on the lake rented from private individuals for the last several years. The pickins are slim. The roads and town and people are great. Don't let the lack of accomodations hinder you.
Hey Don
I have been to there and I know what you mean...
Any leads on available "camps" would be appreciated.
We have about 10 people 3 teams going...
Ridgeview Motor Lodge

is the most mainstream lodging. It's ~15 miles south of Harrisville in Lowville.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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