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I'm not sure I'm understanding this correctly: JA, you're saying that for $4250 per person, I can get more than 300 miles of rally stage miles (assuming 60-mile total stage mileage per event) in 5 days?? Wait a sec. The brochure says that the 5 day course is 3 to 4 days of rally driver coaching and 1 to 2 days of rally car set-up and maintenance. So, going on the 4/1 approach, it's 75 miles per day of rally stages? Or going on the 3/2 approach, it's 100 miles per day of rally stages? Plus classroom time, debriefing, daily sign-on (if the 5 day course is anything like the syllabus for the 2 day course, that is) and lunch break?

Or, for $3000 I can go to the 2-day driving course...

How many events would the average ClubRally competitor have to sit out to save up the money for the 2-day driving course?

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