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Bill Gwynne in the USA?

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Just wondering what was up with the listing on the Pro Rally Schedule at www.scca.com for this:

10/09/04 Bill Gwynne Rally School Heartland Park Peter Gwynne 785-357-7259

Is this an event? A courtesy listing for a school? Where is heartland park?

DId I miss a post?

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Well, it sort of looks like an event listing to me. Wonder why no one at SCCA bothered to do a story to insert between the interminable Solo/Race/...ad infinitum crap.
Heartland Park is in Topeka. Isn't there something else in Topeka also? Info on the rally school is at billgwynne.com

Kent Gardam
They have that off road race truck course there. Maybe they've done some work to smooth out the jumps and use it as a track for the school. Just guessing.

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Reading the press release makes it SEEM like the SCCA is invloved in putting this on. Any one know what the SCCA's involvement is with this?

Looks like a very thorough school, but the prices are in Pounds, not dollars. so up to about $4300 for the 5 day school; and it looks like you bring your own car.

Seems like new venues (like in NY, RPNE, BeaveRun) and schools popping up can only be a good thing. Entry level events at these places may help differentiate between club and pro rally.

I'd like to see more single venue events here in the US... from a cost standpoint.
It ain't cheap, but for most drivers, it's probably a better investment than $4,300 in go-fast parts.
And today we get a mailing from SCCA with all the information. Sounds like someone in Kansas takes our sport seriously.
But is this where they should be spending our money and their efforts? I just got the glossy mailing also.
>But is this where they should be spending our money and
>their efforts? I just got the glossy mailing also.
Who is "they"? By the rest of the sentence, I assume you mean that SCCA sent the mailer. I don't know since I haven't gotten one yet. I live on the edge of civilization if you can call Dallas civilized.
RE: Mailing List

I looked into this years ago.
The SCCA sells mailing lists and does the mailing, keeping the addresses from being duplicated by the buyer and reused or resold.
Yes, it is. You want recognition, TV, money, sponsorship, respect from the sanctioning body... then there must be lots of good, competitive drivers. Our talent pool is shallow.
>Yes, it is. You want recognition, TV, money, sponsorship,
>respect from the sanctioning body... then there must be lots
>of good, competitive drivers. Our talent pool is shallow.

IMO, a one day rally school is not going to create a talent pool.

What we need is more stage miles. Which means more events.

Perhaps the money would be better spent on something like, FOR EXAMPLE, an environmental impact study for rallies in various areas, that would be given to organizers to present to local government, business etc. Or a real marketing survey for competitors to present to potential sponsors. Or on local PR. Or better insurance rates. Or something.

But sure, rally school is good too.


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Nope. I'm suggesting thet, for about the price of five ClubRallies, a driver can get five rallies worth of seat time in five days, with professional coaching. Better in every way than simply flogging around the woods for five events. Even some of our better drivers have bad habits they've carried with them for years. The number of North American drivers who can't benefit from this school can be counted on the fingers of one hand with one finger amputated.
I'm not sure I'm understanding this correctly: JA, you're saying that for $4250 per person, I can get more than 300 miles of rally stage miles (assuming 60-mile total stage mileage per event) in 5 days?? Wait a sec. The brochure says that the 5 day course is 3 to 4 days of rally driver coaching and 1 to 2 days of rally car set-up and maintenance. So, going on the 4/1 approach, it's 75 miles per day of rally stages? Or going on the 3/2 approach, it's 100 miles per day of rally stages? Plus classroom time, debriefing, daily sign-on (if the 5 day course is anything like the syllabus for the 2 day course, that is) and lunch break?

Or, for $3000 I can go to the 2-day driving course...

How many events would the average ClubRally competitor have to sit out to save up the money for the 2-day driving course?

I have no idea about this school, but I did spend $3200 once on 2 days of one one in a rally car at school, I got 12 hrs of seat time, that is 12 hrs of driving the car. Go look at the amount of time you spend in the car on a club rally. 12 hrs of seat time is about a whole years of experance.

It is also more productive for learning than driving a real rally, there is something about getting to repeat a skill over and over and over that helps make you good at it. Not something you can do by just entering rallys.

The results, on the same stages I am 10 seconds a mile faster after school then prior to school even though I changed from an Open Class car to a Gp2 car during that same time.

More than a 2 week notice prior to the school would've been nice. I still havent gotten a mailer at all, so technically, if I hadnt read it here on the "unofficial" conduit of info, I still wouldnt know about it.

So IF I could've found the money in a two week time span, I would've considered it. And then add the cost of towing to/from Kansas, dont forget.

It's a great idea & opportunity, just seems like it could be planned a little more in advance.

$4300 for 5 days! dang thats cheap..

Tommi Makkinen's school is $11,000USD for 8 hours.
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