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With Big White joining the Canadian Rally Championship AND being the final round of the WCRC and Cascadia Cup... who's planning on coming?
We have some space limitations, and we have some budget concerns, so any indication that you are thinking about coming would be appreciated!

Right now, if we look at the people who were at RMR and PFR, the list looks like this:

1 Adam Jones
2 Justin Bayliff
3 Stu Ford
4 Trevor J Harding
5 Pierce Fabian
6 Jason Bailey
7 Matt Binczewski
8 David Nickel
9 Adam Vokes
10 Tanveer Deen
11 Travis Nease
12 Ryan Cuddy
13 Alex Kozlov
14 Alex Kouzmin
15 Jeremey Foster
16 Sam Albert
17 Eric Pehota
18 Brandon Semenuk
19 Boris Djordjevic
20 Eric Grochowski
21 Wim van der Poel
22 Kenneth Mullen
23 Nicholas Spencer
24 James Rimmer
25 Connor Martel
26 Garth Ankeny
27 Dave Wilson
28 Chris Miller
29 Maxime Labrie
30 Piotr Karabasz
31 Paul Eklund
32 Sean Reuland

We hear they are coming
33 Antoine L'Estage
34 Andrew Avery
35 Agatino Fortunato

36 TBA

Have entered PFR or RMR this year
37 Josh Shewchuk

Previous Big White Entries
38 Ryan Millen
39 Steve Greer
40 Byron Garth

41 Driver 2 (from soft inquiry)

I suspect some of those listed may not make it, but I'm also hearing about a bunch of teams not on that list who are talking about coming.
So, to help us organise a great event... give us a yea or nay based on your plans!

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Looks like my name is bolded, but just in case, we will be there!

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Better take #9 off that list for us Keith.
WFR (we finally rolled) rally team is a victim of the date change for this years event. The first BW we'll miss since it's inception...:(

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