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From some stranded LSPR photographers/spectators:

BIG Thanks #1 goes to the CPD Racing (Doug Havir's) crew who picked us up from a L'Anse convenience store @ 1:30AM Saturday (after LSPR Day 1) and drove us back to Houghton. We owe you our pics (for sure) & some beers if we ever meet up again. [link:www.subaru.net/cpd|CPD Racing]

BIG Thanks #2 goes to (MI) Brian Scott of Relentless Racing who got me home from Houghton. Would've likely missed an important GM meeting otherwise. Pics & beers are in the queue 'cause now I know where you live. ;)

BIG Thanks #3 goes to S&G Auto in Grand Rapids, MI, going above and beyond to get a halfshaft/CV joint assy on it's way to Houghton on a Saturday PM.

If anyone has the opportunity to thank in person and/or patronize these folks, please do. It would be greatly appreciated.
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