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Hey all,

sort of a continuation from what Leo did at Tall Pines, but this is for a ride with Nick Narini, the most promising young rally racer in Canada, who is the 2010 OPRC overall and Open class champion.

Team Manick has teamed up with the Child Development Institute, CDI, and are auctioning off a ride to the highest bidder. This is an auction to help fund CDI and could be a great christmas gift for anyone looking for a very unique gift.

This will be a ride at a shakedown or test day of the winners choice, so it will work around anyone's schedule. It will be good for one year and could be used even at next years Tall Pines. There will be both in car and out of car footage of the ride for the winner. All safety equipment will be provided by Team Manick and the only thing you will be responsible for is getting to and from the ride.

There is more information at the following link:


Let me know if you want some more personal info about anything via PM.

You can also check out the CDI and Team Manick facebook pages for more info about the team and CDI in general and what they are all about.

This once in a lifetime opportuniy is for a good cause and will be remembered by the winner fo rthe rest of their life!!

Thanks guys and let it snow!!

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Excellent idea although this is where eBay isn't great as it only shows what you need to win and not what you are prepared to pay.

So, I have put in $250 and (if I win) I will pay you that regardless of what eBay ends up with. I don't want (sorry Nick)/need the ride so would you guys find someone helped by the charity who would get a blast from it.

Get the word out!

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