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the SPAM coverage of the baie des chaleurs is now online!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :)

DO NOT STREAM!!!!! it is 46 meg.....20 min long....(we cut the comercials)


you will need the DIVX to play it get it there... www.divx.com.

To translate a bit for you....

the show is based on the participation of Marisol(the host) as a copilot....and the most interesting thing happened....they WON the regional part of the rally LOL

- the "La famille l'estage" interview....the lestage family is THE rally family....the dad is racing a WRX STI..... his sun Antoine is rallying the "Ex Buffum" Elantra...other sun Mathieu a open Talon....and his dother is a copilot....

-the "Véro et Alain" Interview....Véro is explaining how our rally took a stop after or little rolls.... and i thank my sponsors:+

At the end Vero and i are the "Coors light " pro of the week ?
We have to explain a little task to a contest winner "Amelie" and she has to do it...in our slightly damage Justy.....her task was to codrive me in the odometer check.... the big hole in the roof was the place were we use to have a air trap...:-(

thanks to Frederick Prigge for the digitalisation and to Randy Zimmer for hosting it also big thanks to Musique plus for doing such a cool show and to air it so many time(8)!!!!


Alain Lavoie
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