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I wanted to come back up to Baie to see if I was dreaming last year.
After doing the recce yeaterday, I know I wasn't. These are the best roads I've ever been on (50 rallys in 3 years - only a few twice and one 3x). They have it all - fast smooth, tight, wet, dry, hard, soft, gravel, dirt and rock. The elevation change is at times downright scary and more jumps per stage that the whole US year combined if you discount those wimpy waterbars at RIM. Some New roads this year and it will test the cars' quite severely. Fun starts tonite and will continue in the AM.
I've seen ACP, Pat, Issac and Morgan. I'm sure there a lot more SS-types here and I'll see them at registration and tech. This is a long way from just about everywhere but the roads and the crowds of rabid fans are worth the trip. The scenery is stunning and the weather changes by the hour. Right now it is perfect, 70, overcast and light breeze off the bay. Hope to get a drenching rain tonight and bog down all those turbos...

for a nice picture of the finish to Camp Brulie and some vids:



for the website for Baie:


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