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If you will be competing in the Pike's Peak Hillclimb event, or need high-altitude Dyno Tuning for any reason, visit our Shop in Parker, Colorado. We cater to the AWD Import Enthusiast, but our Dynojet 248/224 All-Wheel Dyno can handle anything from Minis to Hummers. Capacity is up to 2000 HP, and speeds to 200 MPH. Our 4000 sq./ft shop can handle any install/repair.

Our tuner is well versed in tuning any stand-alone or piggy-back engine control systems, and boost controllers.

All competitors are welcome. Tune your car for altitude before this event. Call us for a dyno session.

We are located in Parker, Colorado, 1 hour north of Colorado Springs, at 6268 E. Pine Lane. Contact Bill or Nick @ 303-841-1176.

Bill McMahan
MAC Autosport, Ltd. - AWD Chassis Dyno
Parker, CO
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