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>In the current series: ProRally, ClubRally, WSRC, & CNAR you
>can win a championship just by entering and finishing. I
>see a problem with awarding points and "championships"
>without actually beating anyone.
>To correct this situations I would like to see each class
>require a minimum number of entrants in an event to award
>points for that event.
>My suggestion is a scaled points paying system:
>Points would be awarded in a class if there are x number of
>entrants at that event, points would only be paid to the
>number of entrants minus 2.
>3 Starters (start under their own power) points for 1st
>place only, 4 entrants = 1st & 2nd (starting and finishing
>points could still be awarded despite number of entrants):
># of Entrants = Positions paid:
>3 = 1
>4 = 2
>5 = 3
>6 = 4
>7 = 5 etc.
>This would garuntee a championship was earned, and the class
>is viable (and might eliminate the need for the SCCA 5 event
>minimum to be "in the records").
>For points paying purposes if there were not enough entrants
>in your class, you could opt to earn points in the nxet
>higher class: not enough P cars, choose to run G2.
>At national events (with associated club events), if a class
>did not have enough entrants in the national or club the
>organizers could opt to move the field to one event or the
>other for year end points. (Let entrants choose national or
>club on their entry form and then move the smaller group
>together with the bigger group.)
>This point system is aimed at year end championships only, I
>am sure there is a flaw or two in this proposal so I look
>forward to seeing different views.

Simplest system yet. Count number of wins, most wins, wins championship. If tied, then count most 2nd places... Um I don't know that I can jump on this bandwagon.

Its more likely that the fast guys that win events, LOST championships by DNF'ing and allowed the consistent finisher to win a championship. If the rabbits finish every event, then consistent finisher doesn't have a chance if he doesn't go faster.

If we "force" 2wd production cars into G2 because of participation, then you have just killed 2wd Production. And I think given the right marketing, that Clubrally 2wd Production could be an easy class for the low buck "Have to build my first car" competitors.

Bottom line is tha rallying is a sport of attrition. If I go flat out every mile of every stage, I may crash. But that is my choice. If I choose to anticipate that the rabbit will DNF a couple of times, then it might be in my best interest to consistently finish high, 5 finishes would beat 1 win and 4 dnf's.

As long as a points system allows you to drop an event or two (and all but ProRally do), you will have to finish top 2 a couple of times or you won't win a championship.

Main problem is ProRally has too many classes. Pare it down to Open, GN, G2 and 2wd Prod and class participation will be enough to ensure competition at every event.
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