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I just picked up the Australian Rally Championship 2002 season highlights DVD. Great stuff.... excellent coverage, and better than the coverage of the US ProRally events.

Gosh, wouldn't it be great if there was a year end DVD for the SCCA ProRally series?

The locals in Australia complained about a shift from WR/Open cars to Production category Grp N cars as the main championship class for 2002.

However, it resulted in some very close racing, and pretty much ended the dominance of Possum (RIP) and the Subaru team.

I really wish that Grp N here would get some more coverage... there are some very fast drivers, and it is an international formula... it would be nice to have cars/entrants moving easily between Europe, US and Australia without having to worry about local preparation rules.


Link to DVD:

I believe it is region 0, PAL.
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