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Congratulations to Mark and Jen Tabor for turning Kristen into "Aunt Kristen." Bruce has already fielded a call for "Grampa Tabor."

Details: Madelyn Elizabeth Tabor born 1:54 AM on 19 Sep 2002, 7 pounds 10 oz, and 20 inches long stretched out towards the pedals. Reports say she's already lifting her head a bit, suggesting that she's anxious to try on her first helmet.

Family is all doing fine, beaming with joy, etc. No doubt there will be pics and home videos on the Tabor Rally Team website soon.


(Kristen: I went ahead and posted this since I figured you guys were kinda busy. Thanks for the news.)

P.S. This might be a good time to give Scott a bad time, but he took enough razzing at Dryad's Quest!
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