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I've already asked this question once on another forum, so forgive the cross posting.

Anyone making plans to run the Big Horn or Rocky Mountian Rally who is also planning on using High Octane or Race Fuel should please contact me with the specifications of the fuel that they use. There is a company that may be willing to support the rally events if we (collectively) use their racefuel products.

I need to know what type of fuel you guys are using so that I might match it up with what they have for sale. In my experience the street legal high octane fuels (102 octane) are no worse than VP Motorsport 103, and quite considerably less expensive. They also have higher octane fuels available.

Please email the specs and how much you will need to: [email protected]

Thanks for your cooperation,

Janusz Komorowski
[email protected]
(403) 279-9853

Kawasaki kz750e
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